Brad Taylor

The podcast’s most passionate host. What is he passionate about? A lot, but let him tell you that every week when you tune in! He is an expert martial artist, a competitive shooter, and a downhole specialist in the oilfields. His entrepreneurial spirit is one of the motivating factors in the creation of Sofa King Podcast. Because of his skills in varied arts such as recording and producing music and graphic design, people have sometimes called Brad a creative genius. It is not in Brad’s nature to tell these people they are wrong. He is a Taurus, which is a bull. Bulls can be stubborn and are often full of shit. It is not in Brad’s nature to deny either of these traits. He is an atheist, a deeply critical thinker, and he examines and pokes holes in every system and value society holds dear. Brad is a self-admitted ass hole, and if you subscribe to any racial identity, creed, religion, sexual orientation, political spectrum, or other personal belief, he is willing and eager to fuck with you and make you mad. He is divorced, engaged, and a father.

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